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Tailoring Career Pathways To Suit You

At Settling Abroad Services, we take pride in being the solution-oriented company who create tailored career pathways to suit individual profiles while keeping the constraints and risks that may prevail during the process. We keep our client’s educational, financial, and personal preferences in mind and create a systematized approach to make your dreams come true. We work with the effective resources to offer you a complete guidance towards the entire process of VISA application no matter what kind of VISA it is. We work with an ambition of guiding students to the best universities across the global so that they can shape their bright future. Before we recommend any kind of VISA to you, we make sure to analyze all your personal and professional needs before making any suggestions. With reasonably good prices, our extensive expertise can assist you in best way possible for the immigration services. You can expect honest opinion from us about your chances of getting successful in VISA application.

About Us

At SAS, our proficient team of consulting professionals will study your profile thoroughly to guide you on the right path for your career aspirations. We will help you with all your queries and doubts related to settling abroad so that you can have a clear idea of what’s possible and what’s not. We will make your profile effective enough to get your VISA application approved so that you can take a flight to your dream country.

We make sure to be there for you till you are permanently settled and fully comfortable in the foreign country. So, whether you want to study abroad, or require a work permit, or want to take a foreign tour; SAS is the gateway to abroad for you. We always Endeavor to make your migration services as pleasant, hassle-free and expeditious as possible.

Who Is SAS

SAS is the gateway to abroad for you. We always Endeavor to make your migration exercise as pleasant, painless and expeditious as possible.


  • Wherever new opportunities arise, we work persuasively to give customer most compelling experience possible.
  • To offer the customer best possible Service, Selection, Quality and Value.


  • To be a world-class centre for offering extensive services to customer for reaching its dream destination.

Our Strengths

Strong Filing 100%
Great Visa Success 95%
One On One Counselling 100%
Free On Spot Evaluation 95%