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Welcome to Cyprus, an island of legends that basks year-round in the light of the warm Mediterranean sun. 

About Cyprus

Cyprus is becoming an education hub now. Students from all over the world are attracting towards its world-class education, with affordable education cost. Most colleges in Cyprus are based on the American education system. They provide high standards in courses related to Business, Hospitality, and Tourism. There is a wide range of educational programs and courses available in universities of Cyprus.

Here are some of the benefits of studying there:

  1. Cost of living in Cyprus is incredibly less than other major European destination for study. For students, Universities have their dormitories. Scholarships are available for all students.
  2. There are a lot of universities providing the best education to students with the latest technology. Universities provide dual degree programme with UK and USA partner universities. Some of the famous universities are the University of Nicosia, European University Cyprus, Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine and Mediterranean Institute of Scientific research. Most of the colleges start their classes in February or in October.  
  3. It is a beautiful country. You will get a new experience there. The climate there is always, and you will get the best experience. It is a small country so you can explore the whole country easily and in no time you will get familiar with your surroundings.
  4. It is the home of some of the beautiful and cleanest beaches in Europe. They give you a chance to play a lot of water sports there.
  5. Cyprus has a great history. From Greek to Roman, a lot of civilizations rule there. It was part of the British Empire from 1878 to 1961. That’s why English is widely spoken there and is very helpful for international students.
  6. Students of recognized universities are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week in specific sectors. You must be a regular student from a recognized University and studying there from six months regularly.
  7. So think about this and go to this beautiful place to study and get an experience that you will never forget.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Students, who wish to study in in Cyprus must meet the points as mentioned below:

    • You have an adequate knowledge of English.
    • You have met the minimum entry requirements for your intended degree.
    • You complete all relevant sections of the application form.
    • You have all supporting documents ready for your application. Your application cannot be processed unless all sections of the application form are answered and all supporting documentation is provided.

    (Note: Students not having adequate English knowledge, will be granted by free intensive English course for one month.)

    The following is the admission procedure followed for International students to any of the courses conducted by the University:

    1. Submission of filled up official application form accompanied by:
    > A copy of his/her passport.
    > Two passport sized photographs.

    2. After scrutiny of student’s application and transcripts, if the student is found eligible for admission to the course, he/she will be issued a letter of conditional offer after which the student will have to make payment of tuition fee into the university account.

    3. Student should pay either in cash or use bank transfer.

    4. Following transfer of Tuition fee, students will be issued Final Acceptance Letter which would enable the student to obtain Visas from the closest Turkish /Cyprus Embassy/Mission in his/her home country.

    (Note: Citizens of those countries which can get entry visa from all Cyprus checkpoints / borders get a tourist visa (21 days to 4 months) on their own initiative and arrive in Cyprus. Later on, they complete processing of all necessary documents at the university, after which university assists them to get student visa).

    5. Only after the issue of a Student Visa, the student will be given final admission to the course of his/her choice, provided a seat in that particular course is available at that point of time.

    6. An International student will have to undergo a medical checkup at his/her own cost. He/she will be required to submit a report of this medical examination/certification to the University. Final admission of International students is subject to medical check-up clearance.

    1- If, at any later stage, the student is found not eligible for admission due to any strong reason, his/her admission will be cancelled.

    2- An International student is required to submit an application form in a given format to the International Students Office of the University.

    3- All the fees paid to the University are non-refundable.

    Note: The admissions would be finalized only after issue of:

    1. Final acceptance letter.

    2. Original academic transcripts, degrees etc.

    3. Copy of passport with Student Visa.

    4. Complete payment of first semester and the application fee.

    5. Medical check-up clearance.

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