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Switzerland is a beautiful country to live in and study.

About Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its beautiful mountain ranges, Swiss pocket knife, and a Swiss bank. Switzerland also offers the best education system in the world. More than 50,000 students from all over the world are studying there. Due to the high-quality education population of students is increasing rapidly. But it’s not an easy this to get admission there.

Reasons why you choose Switzerland for education:

  1. Swiss Universities offer a quality higher education. There are a lot of top-class universities like Zurich’s Swiss Federal Institute of technology, the University of Geneva and the University of Zurich. They offer an innovative environment for students to express their full creativity. Les Roches International School of Hotel Management is famous for its brilliant education in hospitality. Swiss MBA is world known. Switzerland is Europe’s business hub and the best place to learn and research. You can learn more foreign languages there, Most of the undergraduate programmes are in German, French, and Italian so you have to learn these languages and this will be a brilliant experience. English is widely used and understood there.
  2. Cost of education there is significantly lower than most of the other European countries. The tuition fee is very low, and Universities provide Government and Non-Government scholarship for students. This attracts a lot of international students in Switzerland.  
  3. Switzerland’s geography is picture perfect. With 26 stated and four national languages. From Swiss Alps to a large city or a rural area there is everything for everyone. Most of the institutes are near to the Alps which give them eye-catching view and beautiful environment for students.
  4. Students can work for 20 hours per week during the semester and full time during university holidays. This will help to deal with some of your expenses.
  5. Switzerland offers you many adventure sports. Students who study there always choose different adventure sports for pastime. You can try ski, snowboarding, rock climbing or canyoning.
  6. Switzerland has much to offer for the students who study there.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    After getting enrollment admission, foreign students should contact the Swiss Embassy or Consulate for obtaining complete information for the student visa application. Even with school admission, students with tourism visa are not allowed to follow the courses at the University. According to the visa application instructions from the Swiss authority if the applicant is admissible, the visa will be issued only after the full tuition has been paid.

    Medical Exam.

    According to the Swiss authority, all the foreign applicants should show a medical exam result done in recent three months. If the applicant is under medication treatment or medication, a medical health report must be issued by the doctor for the insurance registration in Switzerland.

    Scholarships and Financial aid available for International Students in Switzerland.

    In Switzerland, International students are generally not eligible for any financial support by the universities during the first academic years. However, students who have completed one academic year in Swiss Universities are awarded with Partial or full scholarships excellent notes. The sum of full or partial scholarship usually varies from Swiss Franc (CHF) 3,000 – CHF 15,000.

    Students in the universities are allowed to work 20 hours per week during the semester and full time during the university holidays with an average salary of around CHF 20 per hour.

    If you are seeking for more information on scholarships or financial aid for your study in Switzerland then, we suggest students to contact the Swiss Embassy in the applicant’s country of Residence.

    The Universities of Switzerland provide lodging upon students request. Reservation and lodging contract should be signed before students arrive in Switzerland.
    Room fee around CHF500.- per month.

    Insurance According to the Swiss law, all the residents living in Switzerland are obliged to take insurance for health and insurance. The monthly insurance in a Swiss insurance company will cost around CHF120.

    If you’ve already decided on an institution contact Student Visa Expert to find out about the application process and visa requirements. If you haven’t decided yet, let our Student Counsellors help you in selecting a course, enrolling to study in Switzerland, visa application guidance and much more till your arrival in  Switzerland.

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